Nextdloud Web API?

I didn’t find it so I’d like to ask: Does Nextcloud provide a REST API so I could integrate it in my own application? I would need events when new files are saved, create users and groups via API. Does Nextcloud provide that?

You have to read documentation of nextcloud

I don’t think modifying the LDAP data will cover my use cases.

I’m thinking of an API like Seafile offers:

Is there something like it in Nextcloud?

Nextcloud cover your maximum use cases.
only you need to find and read nextcloud documentation.
like this and may more …

Sounds like troll answer.
The link you posted describes an API for creating, deleting, updating users, OP asked about file management.

File management is done via WebDAV - things like sharing etc are covered by a REST API:
should explain most if not all of that. It is used by our Android, iOS and Desktop clients for example.

Please assume that @vijaydwivedi was trying to be helpful - we’re not all native English speakers here. For a Nextcloud app you’d need:

As always - our docs aren’t 100% up to date but we do our best…


Thanks for the detailed answer.

Concerning @vijaydwivedi 's answer – you’re probably right… I just found a link to documentation covering a different topic not very helpful for solving the OPs problem.