Nextcoud Filesize

I have recently installed nextcloud on my truenas. Can someone explain to me in simple language (sorry I am a beginner) how to change the maximum file size?

Thanks in advance

There are limits imposed by php for uploading files. Then you might have other limits (filesize, time) for the communication of the webserver and php backend. There is a page on that part in the documentation:

I have the same problem, I can no longer sync files larger then 600MB using the desktop client however, it does work with drag and drop in the website. I think its because of https, I tried to http link in desktop app but it didn’t accept it. I currently shut down my server because of this, it’s been more then three days searching for solution but no chance. talked with nextclould support in discord too but none answered. I even did fresh install for TrueNAS but this problem won’t fixed so I shut down the server, I’m so dispersed of this.