NextcloupPi - timeout. Impossible to connect from any client

Hello, I’ve installed a NextcloudPy on a raspberry pi 3 and I can access it from my LAN pointing to the 192… ip address. But… after opening and forwarding the 443 port to my 192… raspberry pi, I can’t access it when pointing at or the external IP.
I’ve checked that no-ip is set up and working by means of ping and that the ports are openned and forwarding.

What can I do?



puedes acceder desde fuera de tu casa usando un navegador web? por ejemplo, intenta usar tu teléfono sin wifi

Buenas!! No, el problema sigue siendo el mismo: da timeout.

Hi, the problem remains when I try to connect to the server from Internet (without wifi).

Then your port forwarding is not properly set up

Hi Nacho, thsnks for your help!! that’s what I thought of… But look at the screenshots. Do you see the mistake?


try using your LAN IP for your Raspi instead of that domain name

Hi Nacho, Yes, i wrote It in the first message.
The problem is when i use the domain name or external IP. The ports are opened and forwarding. If i use http port 80 i get a different router message because the port is closed. Do you see any error?

Hi Nacho. I’m still stucked. If I try to connect to it freezes.
But I can check the conection into the Raspberry with netstat -punta. It’s established.
If I use it works. The problem is with connections to external IP. But it establishes the connection…
tcp6 0 2905 external IP:40766 ESTABLISHED -
Any idea?

Seems like a network problem. I am a bit lost. Any chance your ISP is blocking port 80?

Can you use 443?

No, I have checked the 443 https with netstat -punta in the Raspberry and it is ESTABLISHED when I try to connect from my PC client to the external IP, so the router is port-forwarding… but the web page freezes and doesn’t load. On the other hand, If I go to from my PC client it works. It seems something related to the Apache + cert configuration? Because when I connect to 192… it works, but the cert is not valid.

You have to set letsencrypt for the certificate to be trusted, but that’s unrelated to your problem.

Like I said, it seems like some network configuration problem to me. If you can access locally and not from outside, either your ISP is blocking you or portforwarding is not correct