Nextcloud's File Sync: What are the heaviest performing workloads you know?

As i realized in another thread (-> NextCloud was ever meant for end-user's data synchronization. Or was it?), some users have really big tasks for Nextcloud when it comes to syncing files to the server and between clients.

What are the biggest/heaviest workloads or most complex constellations of Nextcloud - concerning mainly file synchronisation itself - you know, have heard of or have accomplished yourself? What is functioning? Where are the problems and limits?

I hope …

  • to discover some interesting and inspiring (heavy) practical use cases of Nextcloud’s file sync,
  • to get a feeling of what Nextcloud’s file sync is capable of or where it is failing,
  • to learn some arrangements to provide a reliable and powerful file sync with Nextcloud,
  • to learn where the crucial points sit like future client development, updating, cache, file size/number, …
  • to get some hard facts or information source about the (known) limits or problems of Nextcloud’s file sync,
  • to provide a foundation of information and empirical knowledge on which people can decide whether Nextcloud’s file sync can handle their use cases or whether it is not exactly the right tool for their requirements.

@Nytrm your are the developer of the sync client and looking for test scenarios or are you just curious.

i’m just curious why you want to know.

if you are looking for a load test. just an idea: sync the kernel sources. should be a lot small to medium size files.

@Reiner_Nippes No, I am not, just curious. I recently realized, that some people move/sync pretty huge data with NC file synchronization. For some, it seems to work really smooth, for others it does not. I just want to learn a little bit more about these things and how NC file sync behaves under “borderline” scenarios. Maybe, one day, I have to move/sync these amount of data with Nextcloud, too. You never know :wink:

My (unsuccessful so far) attempt was to backup from Dropbox to NextCloud v. 15.0.7 with desktop clients first 2.5.2 (totally failed) now with 2.3.3 (still struggling). As of date amount of data:

2.13 TB with 3.2 Million files.

Just for the record dropbox sync fine all of this, across 11 seats in 3 EU countries.
More on the problems encountered here.