NextCloudPLUS: Docker or image? Best way to go for a beginner

I installed nextcloud successfully on my synology but now i would like to replace the synology with a pure nextcloud-server.

I installed the nextcloudplus-image on a raspberry pi 3 and it felt so much better than the complicated installation on the synology.

BTW: I plan to have only 5-10 persons using the nextcloud, so i thought a raspberry pi 3B+ with its 1GB ethernet should be ok.
Can you cofirm this?

But the most interesting question for me is, which method of installation is the most easiest concerning updates?
Is it easier to update a docker than updating an image?

Thanks for your support.


The SD card image is a bit easier to install, and a bit more featureful ( it brings automount, zram… ). For a small group of people the pi should be fine, ofc it depends on usage patterns.

The gallery is infamous for being slow on boards, but the rest is pretty decent.

The update mechanism is the exact same in the docker image and the SD card.


I take the image, so i do not have to learn how to work with dockers.
Thank you…