[NextCloudPi] "You should enable dnsmasq to use your domain inside home" / "You should open your ports for Lets Encrypt and external access"

From the NextCloudPi panel:

It seems to be setup or is it telling me some where else isn’t configured?

Port checking websites seem to confirm ports are opened, but the NextCloudPi service says they’re closed.

These are the ports opened on my router via port forwarding:

Some things to note. I can access NextCloud via the domain I gave it, but it is fairly slow and sometimes unresponsive and times out. Not sure why. Possibly the Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) bottleneck? I have gigabit internet if it matters.

For example. Accessing a page like security may take forever to load or will fail and refreshing/attempts need to be made.

At a loss. Seems to work some what, but struggles consistently. I assume its because of the errors in the image. I can upload to it and download from both my Windows desktop and my phone with the mobile network. So it is working at some level.