Nextcloudpi Wizard bugs?

I am trying to follow the Wizard on a clean next cloud install. Unfortunately, the first step - the usb disk does not work - formats the disk but does not transfer data. I saved it for later. Next step - freedns another bug with letsencrypt. I think I found the solution, but you need to activate SSH. When I want to do this there is ANOTHER bug, I can’t login, password is not accepted by server (only letters and characters).
It is scary how underdeveloped this “safe cloud” is

Hopefully I can fit in the 12 hours of this “user-friendly” installation. LOL

You’ll need to forward ports 80 and 443 on your router in order for Let’s Encrypt to issue a certificate. You can also ask for info at

SSH is required for maintaining the server from another machine. :+1: