NextcloudPI Windows Docker

I currently have NextcloudPI running on my Odroid at home and its pretty flawless. I’m looking at setting up Nextcloud on our Windows Server at work as well. I am relatively new to the whole docker scene and I know there are several Nextcloud Containers that would work, but I really like the work @nachoparker has put into Ncp-Web and the wizard.

I’m just curious as to wether or not the NextcloudPI Docker containers would work the same on the Windows Server 2016 as they would in any Docker environment and if so, would I use the x86 based container?


honestly I have never tried docker over windows, but if the theory is that “everything is the same”, then I guess it should work.

Won’t know for sure until we try it I guess :wink:

So I haven’t been able to get the actual NextcloudPi container to work (but that is due probably user error on my part) but even when I managed to get the Official Nextcloud container to work I was not able to access it from outside the Windows Machine itself. This, from what I’ve read, is a limitation for the Docker for Windows system.