NextCloudPi - why there's no nextcloudpi-config?


I’ve recently prepared my SD Card witch Etcher and NextCloudPi_RPi_10-01-18 image. It boots on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, but I was stuck on configuring Wi-Fi (I want to get Wi-Fi connection and SSH working). I was trying with:
sudo nextcloudpi-config
as it’s described here:
but I getting “command not found” message.

Could anybody tell me, what am I doing wrong?

Hi Sir,

I m noob as well.
But just get it done with my odroid hc2(no wifi)
From my past few hours playing around with installation and read forum

The best is you can provide some error log or data log.
From there. Forum will be able to diagnose which one caused failure.

1.Why dont you try log in into web-gui and try to set it there.
You can access it via yourlocalIPaddress:4443
When it promt for untrusted site click proceed to site.
There will be activation page if it wasnt activated yet.
2. If you can access nc config. Go to nc init. And hit run to actually initiate the first run for ncp.

Again : i m noob just like you. It just i tried and read here and there to install nextcloudplus.


Actually the main problem was not with the way I can configure my NextCloudPi server, but that I can’t make WiFi working. I thought with nextcloudpi-config I’ll get some possibility to enable it. But it seems the cause was some bug in 10-01 image. I’ve just installed 10-04 image, and the problem’s gone. Now I have working WiFi and SSH. Thanks anyway!