[NextcloudPi] What is the Advanatge of "nc-httpsonly"?

Information is “nc-httpsonly- Force HTTPS”. Is the Advantage to use NC Webinterface with Port 80 AND 443? Default usage is only 443. And for letsencrypt you need 80 & 443.

If i disable the “nc-httpsonly”, no page will be displayed instead of the Redirect to the 443 site.


Disabling HTTPS only does not disable ports, but disables the redirection from HTTP to HTTPS.

There are some corner cases where you would want this, like this

I would just leave it always on. It doesn’t conflict with let’s encrypt

If i disable the “nc-httpsonly”, no page will be displayed instead of the Redirect to the 443 site.

Shouldn’t be. I’ll test it again.

Thanks for feedback

Thank you Nachparker for a test, i tried it with the new Image and without changing any Settings incl Password/Pi Update/Hostname and so on. Only Disable via 4443 and Reboot.

I retested it. It works.

But sometimes you have to try with a fresh browser because it remembers HSTS stuff if you open first the HTTPS version

please, mark as solved (if you think it’s solved :wink: )

I think i understand it “now”. If HTTPS only is deactived, it wiill not Show any Website nor the Nextcloud with HTTP. Is this right?

if it is “not active” then you can access with HTTP

if it is active, you will be redirected to HTTPS

But you will always see the web, only that the traffic will be encrypted (HTTPS) or not (HTTP)

Hm OK thats my Error from EDGE

Es gab zu viele Umleitungen.

And FF in Save Mode Error

Fehler: Umleitungsfehler (Redirection Error)

I try a new Installation :wink:

Sorry, I don’t understand German :smiley:

I think that happens because you accessed the HTTPS version first. Try to access from another browser.

Still: I do not recommend to disable HTTPS. Don’t do it unless you have a strong reason.

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Hello everyone!
I’m reopening this thread because I have a similar request. I installed my NextCloud server using the NextCloudPi distribution on an Odroid HC1 board. My server is behind a reverse proxy (installed on my Synology NAS) with a dedicated Let’s Encrypt certificate stored on the reverse proxy. Everything is working fine except on iOS where I can’t access the login page because of a “protocol error”. I noticed that the access is automatically redirected to HTTPS behind the reverse proxy, and this may be the cause of my problem. That’s why I would like to disable the HTTPS redirection behind the reverse proxy. I tried to disable it by setting the “nc-httpsonly” option to off in the NextCloudPi control panel, but it doesn’t seem to stop the redirection. Then, I’d like to do it manually but I’m not good enough in the apache configuration to do it alone. Could you enlighten me? Could this be due to HSTS? I tried using another browser but same result.
Thanks a lot!