NextCloudPi WebDav limit (no chunk)

Hi all.
With a fresh install (all the test was made in my internal LAN) I can upload large files, 15Gb in this case, trough web (it takes a LOT OF TIME to upload…) but by WebDav I upload a 7Gb file but they stores only a 2Gb file.

root@nextcloudpi:/media/USBdrive/ncdata/eas/files/borrar# ll
total 2.0G
-rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data 2.0G Jun 14 17:39 sample.iso

So I think that my “sample.iso” is broken.

Is this behaviour correct? I think not.

Should I change some config to allow large files via WebDav?

By other hand, it’s correct that webfront be more slowler than WebDav?


hi, what do you mean by webdav? the sync client?

the web frontend is at the end of the day a webdav client as well

Hi Nacho.

I mean connecting to NCP via WebDav option. In my case with Linux Mint, with Nemo using this URL: Like the first option that you mention here

I can connect without problems, but if I upload a file bigger than 2Gb (5Gb for example) the file shrinks to 2Gb when finishes to upload.
If upload the same file via web, uploads succesfully, but slow.

32 bit systems can’t handle files bigger than that, I believe, unless you engage in some tricks - but I’m talking half-clueless, perhaps @nachoparker knows details here.

I haven’t tried it from nemo, but my point is that the backend is the same wether you do it from Nemo or from the web interface.

A workaround landed in NC13 for 32bit systems, I wrote about it in my blog so I will just link you there :wink:

Yeah I read that.
Anyway I’ll try with SSHfs