NextcloudPI upgrade to nextcloud 16.01?


not sure if this is the most proper location for this question:
my nextcloudpi instance is telling me that i could/should upgrade towards nextcloud 16.0.1
when i go there i get the warning that nextcloud apps are missing: Nextcloudpi app is one of them.

is there anyone here who can help ?
seems wise to wait until the nexcloudpi package is serving nextcloud 16 too?

We recommend to wait until NCP itself upgrades to NC16. We run on production channel only, so it will be once 16.0.2 comes out.

Then update through ncp-web (NOT through Nextcloud). It will be available when all those tweaks are implemented and everything is tested, so in general you don’t have to worry about such details.




nice to see that my gut feeling is the ok one :slight_smile:
thanks for the detailed response!

@nachoparker, just looking into this. Are you saying that once NC get to 16.0.2 that NCPi will be updated to support NC16?

Just waiting for for NCPi to be updated so I can go to NC16.


production will always provide the latest patch level, but not update to the next major release immediately. That update usually happens with the second minor release (x.0.2).

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You can update through ncp-web if you are impatient but NCP follows the production channel.

Many users reported the update to 16 to work fine

Got it. I’m happy to wait for 16.0.2. Now I understand the process.