[NextcloudPi] updating

hey there,

since two versions i’m getting this message while updating ncp (now running on 0.34.9)

vm.overcommit_memory = 1

is this an errormessage or could i just forget about it?

why am i asking? it happened that apparently ncp-updateing proces killed my nc-instance after roundabout 1 day (i couldn’t access it anymore)… only a manual updating could reactivate it (a reboot didn’t succeed)


Don’t worry about that message, it’s part of the Redis configuration

There was an issue with the update. People updating last Saturday were having problems because the raspbian mirrors were down and that was breaking things. Also there was a bug in the update, but that got fixed too.

So, it is unrelated, just ignore that warning and the problems with the update were fixed (by updating again, like you did)


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