Nextcloudpi updates lags behind the official updates

Hi, I’ve been using NCP for a long time now and and I’m generally quite happy about it. But (specially lately) I noticed that upgrades for NCP are lagging behind the official updates, not only for major versions but also for point releases, which tend to include important security updates. I mean when one use the official NCP tool to upgrade using “0” as version, which is supposed to upgrade to the latest version. I tried upgrading in the past using the official Nextcloud process and had troubles so I was recommended (I believe in this forums) to use NCP upgrade process.

Since I find these updates very important, even when I find NCP very convenient, I’m seriously considering moving away from NCP, just for this reason. Before doing that I wanted to know if there is any particular reason why updates lag behind the official Nextcloud updates and if there is any reliable way to upgrade to official releases when using NCP.


NCP updates NC with plenty delay, to ensure stability. A broken app may get reported by early adopting users and and fixed by Devs, with slight delay.

You can still be an early NC adopter or tester using ncp tools, by replacing the “0” with for instance “20.0.9” or “21.0.0”.