NextCloudPi updated to NC13, brings UFW, security improvements, auto-snapshots and more

Please, share!


That was a flawless upgrade! Took only 5 minutes.

I installed NextCloudPi last month. It was my first NextCloud installation & my first Raspberry Pi project and now my first version-upgrade.
@nachoparker (& others): thanks for the image! This is quality & starter-proof!

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thanks for the positive feedback! it’s very encouraging

What is the most safe way to run the upgrade? I tried using the updater and it “bombed” leaving me in maintenance mode. I was able to fix that thanks to suggestion from RussianNeuroMancer.

What is best way to do a roll back from the backup that the updater creates.

can you provide more details?

  • what was the error updating?
  • what state are you in right now?
  • did you make a nc-backup before trying the update?

the best way to run the upgrade from an old image is to backup, just in case, then run the NC updater, but this is the first report of it failing in NCP.

I reran the update and it is now working, the issue appears to have been that the server supplying the images was down and the update timed out leaving me in maintenance mode

Hi @nachoparker, that’s a nice RPi case in your blog post, did you 3D-print it yourself?

hey @mathiasconradt!

yes, isn’t it nice? a contributor laser cut these cases. See this other post