NextCloudPi Update


Sorry for the stupid question, but I would like to know if only the Control Center is updated with the automatic settings, or also the NextCloudPi itself.

If NextCloudPi itself is not automatically updated, how do I update it to the next NextCloudPi release without data loss?

Best thanks in advance

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from either ncp-config in terminal or ncp-web:4443, you can enable
nc-autoupdate-ncp (keeps NCP up to date)
nc-autoupdate-nc (keeps NC up to date)

No such thing exists imho, just uneducated or uninformed ones.
. :smile:
NCP’s wiki is in serious need of overhaul and updating, help as well as questions are needed, to accomplish the task. So thanks for contributing :pray: Above mentioned wiki is open for anyone.
Also new options are available, that have not been documented yet. As of v1.5.1 you can now also update and/or autoupdate NC’s apps from NCPweb:4443 (or ncp-config in terminal)

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Thanks for the fast answer

Hi forum!

When will ncp be updated by autoupdate. The message that there is an update for ncp from 1.9.1 to 1.9.2 is 2 hours old. Autoupdates are active for nc and for ncp. How long shall I wait or is there an error?



Within 24 hrs if autoupdate is enable, but you can run nc-update from both ncp-web and terminal anytime you want.

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Thanks for the answer. I’ll wait and see and if it’s not updated I’ll do it manually.



So do I have to have NCP run 24h before it updates to the latest version automatically? For me the autoupdate of the NCP version never works, even if 1.9.0 was available and I had 1.8.0 installed, i.e. the update was available for longer than 24h already.

I thought it would check on start-up and update if a more recent version is found.

silly question, do you have nc-autoupdate-ncp enabled?

I would have given a silly answer. But then I opened the webui on my mobile and it shows that is not enabled. chrome app

But opening the webui on my notebook at the same time shows it enabled. Also Chrome.

So I also enabled it on the mobile. How long do I have to wait before it should update automatically?

within 24hrs

I saw that number further up in the thread but what if my hardware is only running <24 hours a day. Should it not check and update on every restart?

I restarted one hour ago and the ncp version is still 1.9.3.