[NextCloudPi] Update Error

For some time i get this error at ncp-update

Downloading updates
Performing updates
grep: /home/www/ncp-launcher.sh: file or directory not found
./update.sh: Line 209: /home/www/ncp-launcher.sh: file or directory not found
NextCloudPi updated to version v0.31.24

Everything works fine except the web panel is not available on port 4443 (also when it is activated in the settings)

What can i do to fix this problem?

did you upgrade from an old image before ncp-web existed?

i installed it in june this year. after that i only made the updates. since one update (i don’t know which one) the error appears.

i don’t need the web interface. if there is no other problem i can live with the error message

Well, if you want the web interface you have to do some manual setup, as explained here


Also, you are encouraged to upgrade to Raspbian 9 Stretch, because all the packages, configuration and so on are based on the latest Raspbian


Or maybe it will be easier for you to do nc-backup, then start from the latest image and do nc-restore to get your stuff back.

I will fix the error, thanks for reporting.