NextcloudPi - two different devices have the same static IP?

I have a raspberry pi device with NextcoudPi on it - with static IP of
I am trying to set up a new device
And when trying to set up a static IP the WebUI suggests again
does it make sense?
or do i need to do something else?

Your second device should have another IP appointed.

Hi @OliverV
Thank you

You mean I should have a different IP address ?
What appoints the static IP?

When I look in the webui

Set up a static IP address
active []

When i tick the little box next to active
Then click apply
The return is:
[ nc-static-IP ] System config value trusted_domains => 1 set to string System config value overwrite.cli.url set to string Static IP set to
This static IP address is the one used on my 1 Box

So how do i change it?
Thank you

IP addresses are usually appointed by the router in your Local network by dhcp protocol.
Some routers allow static IP, some don’t.
If yours does not, you look for the appointed IP’s for your devices in the router’s web interface ( routers are usually at , sometimes end nr is 1 or 254 for web interface),

Then, enable static (in settings of router) or set the lease time of appointed IP’s to maximum number of days, as in 99999 or indefinite if that option is available. It depends on your internet provider and the the router.

You’ll also may want or need to edit /etc/hostname for at least one of rpi’s, if they are both identical. Host renaming requires reboot to take affect.