NextCloudPi torrent tracker seems to dislike VPN IPs

A while back, when I tried to download NextCloudPi, I figured I would use the torrent, so I could share it back.

Well, the torrent was blocking my IP. Interestingly, I think a Ubuntu torrent was also doing the same thing.

Why would a torrent tracker block a VPN IP? That seems counter productive, especially given the de-centralized, “own your bits” philosophies of Nextcloud, and the fact that such a philosophy is the name of the blog that makes the NextCloudPi distro.

seems to be directly related to @nachoparker

That is weird. I just use opentracker and never heard anything wrong about it, if you have any suggestions I can add more trackers to the torrent

It’s probably not a whole-tracker issue, but probably a list of IPs that they subscribe to to ban. Cloudflare and Project Honey Pot, and presumably many others, offer up lists of “known bad actors”, and obviously popular VPNs will have some false positives because bad guys use them too.