NextcloudPI - System Info stays greyed (4443)

NextcloudPI Panel (4443) stays greyed out and loops.
I have the message from JSON: message “CORS requires basic auth”. So I can’t change anything. I do not know what to do.

Can you try to access the ncp-web-ui using a „clean“ web-browser-Session?

  • In-Private Session or
  • using a different browser

Thanks for your help schoetju,
I tried with Firefox, Chrome with:
I arrive on the nc management page, but it remains inaccessible and grayed out and the hourglass is constantly spinning. The same problem which I try by icon in nextcloudpi. Nextcloudpi works well. I am not in a private session with the browsers.
So if I click the icon for settings or use”, it asks me for my user and my password, I get a message from JSON: message “CORS requires basic auth” and in the navigation bar, I have: Then, if I launch this address, I have the page that appears but grayed out and no access.

Good day.