NextCloudPi - System Info show NextCloud Status: ERROR

I am wondering how I can discover what the problem is with NextCloud. I am able to access the NCP WebUI and on the System Info screen it shows NextCloud Status: Error. Also, when I visit my NextCloud URL I simply get a blank white screen. How can I determine what the problem is? My nextcloud.log file is empty and since the NCP WebUI is working, I would say Apache is functioning normally. Please help! Thanks!

Check out the Nextcloud and apache log file for further information.

After some further investigation I discovered it was a connection issue with MySQL. After much Googling I discovered it was a problem with the DATADIR location for MySQL. I moved the DB to my USB drive but for some reason it was looking to /var/lib/mysql. I copied my DB to that directory and it started working again. Can I move my DB back to my USB drive? What is the best practice for DB storage location?

One other strange issue since the system is back up and functioning is that I am missing certain icons in the webpage interface. For example, while browsing files the small house icon for “Home” is missing and the search icon near my user icon in the top right corner is missing. Any ideas on that?

Thanks in advance!

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