[NextCloudPi] suddenly no access possible -> RE-INSTALL?



A couple of months ago, I happily managed to install version v0.46.0 of NextCloudPi on my RaspberrPi3. Later, I moved all my files which I had previously stored on an OwnCloud instance over to this NextCloud insance. I use an external 16GB USB device and the standard SQLite3 dbms.

Now, as I try to be very careful with complex systems which I don’t know by heart, I decided to upgrade only when I have time for solving possibly emerging problems. So, I upgraded to v0.56.16 (around the 2nd of June 2018). From then on, I there were only “minor” problems concerning frequent timeouts e.g. when accessing the database with one than one person at a given time. Or the failure of updating the SSL connectivity via the admin’s letsencrypt feature. But that was ok for me.

During the following weeks (after upgrade to v0.56.16), there came in more and more announcements of version upgrades (popping up within my NextCloud clients on my Windows machines). I just let them come in, as I was happy to have a working system and didn’t want to change anything. But suddenly, about a week ago, at a level of about 25 announcements, the NextCloud activity suddenly stopped. So, the client couldn’t successfully open the web page anymore and there was no synchronization going on anymore.

So, finally I logged into the Pi and did a

sudo ncp-update
sudo systemctl restart apache2

I was hoping to upgrade-away these problems, but although the upgrade went without showing errors, I still have no access to the NextCloud instance. No synchronization.


As I think that a in-depth examination of the effects takes too long, I would rather try to reset / neutralize my current installation and somehow re-activate my files on an other NextCloudPi instance. Easiest would be to just configure the new NextCloudPi instance and plug in the USB device which should still carry all the files and history. But even loosing the history would not be a problem. The files and the NextCloud functionality are essential.

Is there a well documented way to do this?

I could provide a “ncp-report” in case someone wants to dig into the problem describen here. Please just tell me.

Greetings and thanks in advance.

hi there, is there really nobody having had a similar problem?

Please help.

I suggest that you just enable autoupdates. They are solid and any problems will get fixed and new stuff will be installed without you having to worry about it. Don’t worry, things don’t break down with updates.

Updates are only supported within a month, which means that you have to update at least once a month, or things might break. Again, just enable autoupdates, it is the best way to go

It is understandable that you are worried about your instance, but you have autobackups, don’t you? :wink: