NextcloudPi - Setup (Unable to connect to IP address when "force https" is enabled)

Hi Nextcloud Community,

I am a noob and apologize if my question has been asked/answered elsewhere (I can’t find it).

As a personal project I am attempting to setup a cloud server that I can give access to my extended family for the primary purpose of sharing and consolidating our picture folders. To this end I have purchased a Raspberry Pi 3b+ and a 6TB hard drive and have flashed the NexctCloudPi image to my device/sd card.

I have successfully connected the device to my router via WiFi and can connect to the NCP Web UI (https://(IPADDRESS):4443). However, I am unable to connect to the main interface and I just cant figure out why.

When I type in the IP address of my raspberry pi into my browser I get:

  • This site can’t provide a secure connection (Chrome)
  • Secure Connection Failed (Firefox)
  • Can’t connect securely to this page (Edge)

(There is no option to bypass this error page with an “advanced” button)

I am able to access the page if I turn off “Force https”, (but I’m still unable to login as it loops back to submit via an https address when I enter a username and password).

Eventually I want to connect a sub-domain I own and setup my device so that it’s accessible outside my network with an SSL certificate, but I need to solve one problem at a time.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

You should first visit:
https://yourip/activate or https://nextcloudpi.local/activate
Which will add the rpi’s local ip to the trusted array (you will still get a warning, but should be able to add an exception and proceed)
This will also generate two new passwords, you will need them for ncp’s initial access to NC-web and NCP-web. For general reference NCP’s wiki pages.

Do you have screen and keyboard connected? And are able to login as user pi with password raspberry?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, before submitting my question I did successfully visit https://yourip/activate (I’ve saved the information and followed the activation steps). And I do have a keyboard/mouse and monitor connected to my raspberry pi.

Okay update… I am able to connect via the Nextcloud desktop app, but not from my browser.