NextCloudPi - set backup/snapshot/sync time

I’ve set up NextCloudPi to take regular backups and snapshots, and to sync these regularly to a USB HDD.

However, I’d like to ensure that all these actions take place at a time I’m unlikely to need to access Nextcloud, like in the middle of the night. How can I set what time this happens?

What utility are you using for the snapshots? I’m trying to see if you are doing more of a block type backup or a file backup solution.

snapshots dont affect your regular usage. Sync is done overnight. You can look at the cronjob.

Most of the maintenance is done at night so no need to touch it

Thanks for info about backup. Would be great if filesystem was actually zfs however I suppose btrfs works in a similar manner.

I’m using the nextcloudpi web interface to do the automatic snapshot saving and snapshot sync, but it’s not very configurable.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment as there’s only one snapshot saved in there is the manual one I took two days ago.

works fine here, check the backups / snapshots button on the top right

No luck. Seems that the auto backups are working but auto snapshots aren’t.

Yes a better way to set a time by te backups would be fine

you want to do nc-snapshot-auto, your screenshot is about nc-snapshot-sync

contributions are very welcome :slight_smile:

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nc-snapshot-auto is also enabled (see below screenshot) but doesn’t seem to be taking any snapshots.