NextCloudPi renamed to NextCloudPlus, gets a new website, improved ncp-web, docker, languages and more

The latest release of NCP is out! please, share the image


great job again and again and again, @nachoparker ((and team)

and it’s a great new name as well :wink: - adding a definite plus to NC and it’s installation.
to be honest it really brings NC closer to the promise that was made by getting NC into life: to make it as easy as never before hosting your own data in your own cloud.

so now having NextCloudPlus - I, in NC’s place - would make a press-report for it and generally would give the project more attention…

@jospoortvliet what do you think?


Well the name could just as well be a fork of Nextcloud (in the oC time there was a oC GalleryPlus, oC MusicPlus calendarPlus ContactsPlus etc, forks of the original apps) so I think it’s a bad name. But besides that it’s a great project of course :wink:

sure enough… @nachoparker was suggesting this new name amogst others here in the forum… you could have been part of it as well (i would have linked the thread here if i would have found it)… and i’m sure there would have been a good thought about your objections.

but now i think there’s time to fill the “plus” in nextcloud with a positive meaning to make clear this is another difference between us and them and that NC isnt OC anymore. we’re the better project :slight_smile:

mmm @jospoortvliet has a point there with all the past “Xplus” history

sure enough. but i think it’s too late now to change it again

and so… what else could you do?

Now that even their forum got compromised this wouldn’t be too bad i think…

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the wut???

It’s ok, we want to respect their brand and their name :wink:

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Well, their official announcement (also sent out by mail) is that somebody logged into their forum with an admin account and downloaded a backup of everything including the hashed passwords.

ummm. i said that with all neccessary respect to their name.

but if we users of NC wouldn’t think that NC is somewhat better than OC so why would we be here on NC? or: why do you decide to start off with NC rather than with OC?

referring to the “Plus”-part… i don’t think that’s their brand and their name… someone came up with that idea sometime. and ya… having known that before would have changed the new long form of “ncp” to something else, maybe. but as i pointed out before: i think since the decision for the new name was made now it’s time to show everyone that “nextcloud plus” really puts some additional benefits (especially for home/beginner users) to the term “nextcloud”… and there are already several plusses.

urgh… time to get rid off my account there

Perhaps. But it has been 3 years ago under oC 8.x. A few users might remember, but you had to install it purposely instead of the normal apps, it retired, so these people probably know a bit about the background. NextcloudPlus does not target people running oC/NC on their setup rather than new users. Besides of the history with the plus-apps, the naming is quite good, it brings you nextcloud plus some nice tools to manage your system. Though it would be cool to have something like the Nextcloud-Box again…