NextcloudPi releases v1.50.1 hotfix for 24.0.5 and implements Docker improvements

Version v1.50.1 is out!

This release mostly addresses issues with the v1.50.0 release, where I managed to introduce a few bugs. See the changelog.

v1.50.0 was the first “scary” release (changing major things about the system) since I took over the project and I certainly learned a few things - such as what blind spots there are in my automated tests.
Thank you for your support and your patience and special thanks to everyone who contributed to these fixes by reporting bugs, helping others on the forums or keeping an eye on open Github issues. Without you it would have been a lot harder for me to work on this update.

Important note on Docker Fixes

Heads up: Please don’t update the NCP docker container using ncp-update/ncp-config/the web UI. Replace the container from the latest available docker image instead.

Big shoutout to @ZendaiOwl and @just without whom I wouldn’t be aware of a number of the issues that have now been fixed and who spent a lot of time helping others to resolve problems caused by the update.


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I would like to thank you very much for taking on this project. I have been using nextcloudpi on several odroids for years and was worried that I would have to consider another alternative. THANK YOU!

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