NextcloudPI performance

I’m very happy with Nextcloud on my Rapsberry Pi 3 with NextcloudPI. Ease of installation (NetxcloudPI) and ease of use (Nextcloud + Android apps) is very satisfying!

The only annoyance I have is that the performance seems to be lacking when I want to see my pictures. Storage is on a new, external HDD. It can take “just” 2 seconds, most of the times between 5 to 10 seconds and often even longer. This is the same over the internet as on at home.

What performance could be expected with Nextcloud on a RP3? I know there are many elements that come into play (speed of HDD, internet connection, …), but what should I investigate?

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which version of nc do you run?

and i’'m sure @nachoparker is coming to help (or at least give answers) as well pretty soon.

NC 13 - upgrade went without issues.

i have that myself and after updating (which didn’t go really smoothly) i am detecting that it’s gone pretty slow. like login for the first time and such.

probably PHP code is caching again after the change to NC13,

about the images… it is known that the preview generator can really hog down the pi if there’s a lot of new big pictures.

other than that, from NCP point, the first time you open each image it is cached by the data cache and it will be fast the next time until that pic is flushed from cache.

in order to further investigate the performance of the gallery, I guess I would investigate the NC gallery app itself

I cannot say that NC 13 makes a difference. I know RP3 is not a high-end server, so I don’t expect top speed. But I have no clue what to expect. I promote Nextcloud & RP, but when I show a slide show to others, it gets thumbed down because lack of “fluency”.

if we want higher performance, NCP is also available for other boards, such as the odroid HC1

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I recently moved a lot (+60GB) of pictures to the external HDD not using Nextcloud, but with directly via NFS mount + scan. So preview generation could be the reason.

Using might help?

Thanks for the quick response!

some people in your situation disable the app that generate previews in the background, you should search this forums because I am sure this has been discussed in the past.