NextCloudPi panel infinite load

I installed NextCloud like 3 hours ago on my Raspberry Pi 4 and all just seams to work fine. Unfortunatly at some time when I opened the admin panel (nextcloudpi.local:4443) I see just an infinite loading and I can’t do nothing. NextcloudPi is update to the latest version.

Before that I updated Nextcloud to the version 22.2.2 via the admin panel and I can still use it, log on my account and see all my files. Only the admin panel doesn’t work.

Also after the update I logged on the NextcloudPi panel and it worked fine. I think that it just randomly broke.

I don’t have SSH active so if I want to access the terminal I have to plug the HDMI cable I think.

Have you tried rebooting?
And you can enable ssh (without monitor or keyboard) following instructions here

Run ncp-report and share output via txt file or pastebin service, if want further assistance.

here the log I removed all the info from the nextcloud log (row 159) because there was some private information

Yes, I also tried to reboot but it doesn’t do nothing

Somehow it fixed itself without me doing anything.