NextCloudPi on RPi4 with 2 External USB HDD

Hi, I have NextCloudPi 1.37.0 on RPi4 with DB and DataDir on external USB Drive WD 320GB HDD (BTRS format). I am trying to attach a second USB HDD - WD 5 TB for Backups. However NextCloudPi recognizes only the WD 5TB and does not recognize the 320 GB HDD on reboot.

Any ideas how I can make both the HDD work on the NextCloudPi?


I think I found the issue but not sure how to solve it

Both the HDD devices come up with the /dev/sda1, so it is either one of the HDD recognized at one time.

How can I force the NextCloudPi to use both the HDD, to force the 320GB HDD to use /dev/sda1 and 5tb HDD to use /dev/sda2 or /dev/sdb1

Any suggestion please!!