NextcloudPi on Raspberry Pi - just isn't working

Thanks! Not a bad suggestion, but would indeed need to edit theme code.
Something we are not prepared to do.

Edit: Managed to implement your suggestion by adding numbers to the catogorie names :wink:

The former wiki’s did not allow for translations, page management, and required markdown knowledge for creating and editing. There was no visual editor, and as such, it was deemed too user unfriendly. Hence Wordpress.
The theme supports importing markdown tho, so if you prefer to create with markdown, then importing as posts is possible. There is a markdown editor plugin too, if we really want or need markdown with a visual editor.

If you dont want to use Telegram, we can also create an issue, at NCP github, to discuss documentation subjects.

That blog post is the first release, it’s 3 years old and its comments are naturally outdated.

The first paragraph reads

IMPORTANT: The contents of this blog post are a detailed explanation of NextCloudPi. However, the main landing page of the project is now and that is the place where information will be kept up to date

But it seems that people just skip it and keep getting confused. Maybe I should just delete that post.

And to clarify NextCloudPi is created by OwnYourBits :smiley: