NextcloudPi on Raspberry Pi 5 sucks

I have been using NCP for some time now and recently I had installed a new instance on a RPI4 without any major issue.

Those last days, I have been trying again and again to have it running on a Raspberry Pi 5 and it is a complete mess. A major issue is that after having flashed the image and the first boot, the system will hang during any apt process. It usually get stuck once the Fetch is completed (and this problem appears systematically despite that I created the MiniSD several times on different supports).

SSH is unstable, external drive is unstable, I am so frustrated that I decided to buy a new RP4 and keep the RP5 aside. But I am surprised not to find any complain about NCP + RP5. Am I the only one facing this issue (or the only one using NCP on RP5)?

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How is that related to Nextcloud?

If even something like apt does not really work, how is a way more complex thing like NC supposed to work?

Have you tried another SD? Or even better, an SSD?

I am still not sold on the idea of having OS or applications installed on SD cards. TBW is way too low, they usually die within years.

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I have exactly the same problem with pi5. It’s weird that no one is writing about it. The system is very unstable, and it’s not the fault of the hardware like the SD card, etc.

back then I had set the raspberry to boot directly from the ssd.
But some time later I switched from the raspberry to a mini pc because the raspberry is just too slow, especially if you have a lot of data.

a tip from me, buy a minipc for 200-250 euro/dollar and you will be much happier with it. just make sure what kind of processor it has because of docker support etc.

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If I would have to work with an raspberry pi5 I would choose raspios or the latest ubuntu to get best performance of the device, at this time so.

This is actually what I did: I installed Ubuntu, and then Nextcloud snap and it is working quite well.

Now trying to switch to SSD, but this is another issue…

Now it’s get interesting-

Even a 150$ Intel N100 will easily outperform a Raspi, use less power in idle and have better firmware.