Nextcloudpi on pi nr1 + PiVPN and PiHole on pi nr2 = problem


I’ve 2 pi’s running.

nr1 with Nextcloudpi.
nr2 with PiVPN and PiHole.

Since Nextcloudpi and PiHole both need port 443 i run into problems.
pi nr 2 with PiHole+PiVPN works fine. And changed port 80 in&out to port 8080.
pi nr 3 with Nextcloud doesn’t work. I can’t acces Nextcloudpi anymore except for the webinterface.

I tried to remap the ports of Nextcloudpi but the SSL script doesn’t appreciate this.
PiHole needs to get acces to port 443
But also the letsencrypt certificate needs to have acces to port 443.

What should I do? Thank you very much!