Nextcloudpi - odroid hc2 - auto upload videos files losses connection at 900 MB

I have a ncp setup on odroid hc2 with 2 GB memory. I use the ios app to upload my photos and videos into an external hdd connected to the odroid. When i try to upload files greater than 900
MB (like 1.5 GB), the ios app errors outs as sever not found and starts re-transmission of the same file from 0 MB.

I observed the memory and swap on odroid hc2 with htop command and found that swap kicks in at around 1.4 GB on the odroid memory. The swapiness is set to 100 by default.

Can i lower the swapiness to 10 or 20 value, to start using swap later on at 1.8 GB memory mark, will there be higher sd card degradation due to this change?

Why are ios uploads limited by odroid memory rather than upload files in fragments?

As a workaround, i upload larger files using Network file transfer and scan it using nextcloud.

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