NextcloudPi not accessible from outside

I have installed NextcloudPi on a Raspberry Pi 4. I added a public domain with freedns. Today in the morning I installed everything and it all worked fine. Also from outside my network. But now when I plug in my raspberry now I can only access nextcloud from my local network. Any attempts to access it from outside fail. I made sure that on my router the ports 80 and 443 still point to the raspberry. The freedns-domain still points to the public domain of my router (which is a public IP, no NAT there). Also pinging my public domain resolves the IP. What could be the issue here? I’m really out of ideas on how to fix this🤔

Furhtermore: within the local network all the requests get processed now considerably slower. On the settings page on port 4443 it says in the port-check section that the ports 80 and 443 are closed. Which is weird because it still works.

Perhaps it is a IPv6 issue.
Your local device gets a temp IPv6 address.
Since IPv6 is preferred, one can get issues like you mention.

I’d say, disable IPv6 on the device and forwarders in the router and external DNS to find out.

This could be the reason. When I try to locally connect with ssh it doesn’t work, whereas ssh pi@nextcloupi.local works. I get the same behaviour with HTTP(S). nextcloupi.local gets resolved to a IPv6 address.

Edit: Ok now I disabled IPv6 and I can now only access the pi via But when trying to access it via my public IP or domain it still doesn’t work. HTTPS fails right away, HTTP gets a timeout after a while.

Hi Atmax,
Problem could be related to hairpinning of your router. In your local network try pointing your device (Computer, Phone, etc.) to your raspberry pi as your primary dns server, and then your usual one (probably your router) as the alternative dns. Hope this helps

Hallo eingewissertyp

I don’t thinkt that’s the issue. I found a “solution”. My raspberry crashes sometimes when I restart it and the router it all works fine again. Created a thread about it here: NexcloudPi not responding after being turned on for a while