Nextcloudpi no update to 1.19

I am on ncp 1.18 and according to I understand that 1.19 has been released about a week ago.
What can be the reason the system is not upgrading to 1.19? I have tried ncp-update as well as through the gui. The system acts like 1.18 is the latest version. Is there something like a waiting period before the lastest version gets installed by the update tools?
ncp-autoupdate is active as well.

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I just did an ncp-update at my command line and received the update to NCP 1.19.1.

Also working for me now.
Anyway, it would be interesting what the trigger for the availability of a new ncp update is. Obviously it is not the release of a new ncp version.

Our main Dev Nacho triggers that when he decides it’s been tested enough to be available for everyone.

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