NextCloudPi: NCP Web Panel always gets stuck if started from a VirtualBox VM under Windows 10


Dear fellow forum members,

I first installed Debian Stretch as basic install without graphical interface in a new VM in Virtualbox 5.2.22 under Windows 10 Pro 64bit. Then I used the curl command as described in NextCloudPi for amd64 to install NCP.

I started the web interface and activated Nextcloud. Then I started the NCP Web Panel, logged in - and it got stuck at collecting the system info data showing the loading circle! The Nextcloud web page is loading and working fine - nothing wrong there. I reinstalled Debian and NCP in a new VM - with the same results. It always gets stuck at loading.

This difficulty concerns the NCP Web Panel only. ncp-config on the command line is working fine. I can execute the commands from there. But, because it is more convenient, I would like to use the Web Panel.

I have a Raspberry Pi, where I have my production NC install. There, the NCP Web Panel is working fine. In the following the comparison of the initial start of the NCP Web Panel between my physical Raspberry Pi, and my VM:

Raspbian Pi:

VirtualBox VM:

It looks like it is getting stuck at executing the ncp-launcher.php, since it does not return from there. Anybody has an idea, what is different or how I could debug it?

I am sure, that I got the NCP Web Panel working once. This was at the very beginning. But everytime since then it gets stuck. In the meantime, several updates of NCP were performed. I believe, my first NCP version was 61.1 or something.

On github the bash file ncp-diag is marked with


Could it have something to do with this being introduced in one of the updates to NCP? Since this is the first thing being loaded in the NCP Web Panel.

Any help is very much appreciated.

let me test this see if I can reproduce

I just generated a VM with 14.0.4 and I can verify that there is no issue with the info panel and ncp-web, at least on that image

you can get it here

I found the reason myself (as very often nachoparkers hint was very helpful):

I installed in the VM a pure Debian from the ISO image. This image had the linux kernel version 4.9.0-8-amd64. In order to get a better support for SSD’s in BTRFS I installed a more recent kernel from the backports: 4.17.0-0. (The version 14.0.4 is not available in the Debian Stretch backports anymore, unfortunately.)

And voila: The NCP Web Panel starts and displays the Info page just nicely!

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