[nextcloudpi] nc-restore and maintenance mode


After doing nc-restore (with with data files) it shows “done press any key”.
However after accessing the server it shows in the web browser that the server is in maintenance mode.

Please check if maintenance mode is disabled at the end of nc-restore (with files)

thanks for the feedback. Do you have the complete output? looking at the code it does take you out of maintenance mode unless something failed during the process.

Anyway, you can exit that mode with

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ maintenance:mode --off

It was a restore of about 400 Gb. It was very big. I really didn’t noticed any error, but i’m not sure. The data seems to be all restored after closing maintenance!
I don’t know were to look for the complete outlook. Don’t know if it still available!

I am afraid I need some output because I don’t see anything wrong with the code.

The restoration did work ok, right?

It seems that everything restored properly!
Where can i get the output?

if you closed the window then there’s no output anymore. I’ll write down an enhancement to create some log of the process.

I’ve closed it!


I had to make a new restore and i got the same issue, that is, at the end
of the nc-restore i had to disable maintenance mode manually. After that
everything seems to be ok.

This time i’m sending the layout from sreen (see txt attached)




Nice, thanks for the feedback.

Let’s see if we can find out what is going on, could you resend the attachment? It didn’t go through

Also, can we have some more information? did you include data? how big was the data file.

411 GB tar file
data is also saved
I’ve copied first the tar file to the HDD where myCloudDrive is mounted.
But i’ve done that from another computer with linux. Not sure if the issue
arises from permissions problems
the layout is saved in a txt file in this link

thanks, got it