Nextcloudpi messed up by upgrade,now can't reach the web ui

hi all,an upgrade messed up my nextcloudpi installation.
the update was about nextcloud going to the new major release 14.
now,when i reach the designed ip in my browser,all what i see is this:

I have already run the ncp-report,pasted


i think OCP/PHP could be the problem,or at least one of the problem here…
nextcloud works flawlessy with mobile client or,at the very least, i can explore files,view pictures,etc.

please help.

Have you restarted the server yet?

yes,at least 3/4 times

Based on the error you posted, you shouldn’t be able to use the mobile client at all - I’m betting you’re seeing stuff cached locally on the device.

I had this same issue when upgrading NCP, and my solution to get it back up and running at a baseline was here: NCP MariaDB down after upgrade

I then promptly migrated my data and information away from NCP, instead opting to manage it myself with the official Nextcloud docker image paired with containers for Mariadb and Redis.

How did you upgrade? through NCP or through NC?

The PHP service is up and running… it seems that there is something that went wrong with the Nextcloud part of the upgrade.

If you upgraded through NCP (recommended), you must have a backup that you can restore and try again. It would be in the datadir > ncp-backups

thanks for your suggestion,but I can’t find the same directories you are talking about…any other suggestion??

i think i upgraded through ncp,and after that updated trhrough nc (silly me…)
so now,I can’t seem to find anything about nc…how could i find my data directory,and any eventual backup?
i have sshelled with a graphical file manager,and the directory media (a usb key) contain a directory named “nc-data-backup”,but entering it the system say “the position it’s not a directory”.

it asked to update btw,but nothing changed:
but the update failed always in the nc-restore area
comando non trovato means command not found,obviously

so,I know it’s a mess,just want to find the files if possible.backup lesson learned,the hard way…

could you help me please???