Nextcloudpi Magnifier serch error

after update my nextcloudpi to 1.51.0 with version using magnifier search in the top right of the web page to search something, I receive error, during digitation.
The attached image could be clearer

Ideas to solve it?

Hey auceto,
at the moment I’m not able to reproduce your issue. My instance works as expected.

Could you please share your ncp-report. Propably the logs give us a hint about it.

The other parts of your nextcloud is good?

Thanks for response.
Yes the rest of the parts are ok.
To be more precise, my installation is done with docker image by docker and portainer installed into open media vault and this issue is after the push of the last image as I said.
I’m not expert in linux, so how can I do to give you the log?

Hi REAPERSbattlecry,
finally I have same time to restart with this issue.
I’ve the ncp-report, but I cannot upload here. As txt file isn’t permitted and the orrible copy&past here is too long.

If it is to long you can use any pastebin service or similar stuff. Or just split the text in two posts.

Ok this is pastbin link

ncp-report log