NextcloudPi Kodi connection/ media streaming

Hello, everybody,
I am new in the forum - Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

What are the possibilities to stream video files from Raspberry to Kodi?
I tried it via WebDav, but Kodi cannot connect.
Error: Could not retrieve directiory information.


Nextcloud runs on a Raspberry Pi 4 with the NextcloudPi image without errors as far as I can tell. The database etc. is on an external hard disk.
I only have the Nextcloud running in my home network, if I want to access it from outside I do it via VPN (PiZeroW). Otherwise I still have a PiHole running.

I would be very grateful for help and tips, because I just can’t get any further.

use samba, works like a charm and it is supported by NCP out of the box

@nachoparker thank you!
I found it…
Dont know why all my “googling” was pointing to webdav.

why use a bug-infested, complicated 3rd-party protocol for sth. already supported natively on both sides?
i use it like this with kodi 18-sth. and confirm it works.