NextcloudPI Kein NCP-Export Menüpunkt No NCP export menu item

Unfortunately, I saved a wrong path in the ncp-export menu in my NextcloudPI. After that the menu item disappeared.
Also in ncp-config I can no longer change the path. nc-export-ncp also no longer has a description. Where can I correct the path now again?
I would be very grateful for help. MfG Jan

ncp-export menu

Files should be located:

 ~ $ sudo locate nc-export-ncp

Mine looks like this:
sudo cat /usr/local/etc/ncp-config.d/nc-export-ncp.cfg

“id”: “nc-export-ncp”,
“name”: “Nc-export-ncp”,
“title”: “nc-export-ncp”,
“description”: “Export NextCloudPi configuration”,
“info”: “”,
“infotitle”: “”,
“params”: [
“id”: “DIR”,
“name”: “Directory”,
“value”: “/media/USBdrive/”,
“suggest”: “/media/USBdrive/”,
“type”: “directory”