NextcloudPi joins Matrix. Bridges Telegram and this forum


Matrix users can now chat alongside our bridged Telegram group from while following along with forum support topics.

Matrix user: if you are running a current version of Matrix / Synapse, you can enable Spaces to access community indexes of Matrix and IRC chats related to various Nextcloud functionality:

Nextcloud - All Rooms and Communities
NextcloudPi - All Rooms and Channels
Nextcloud - Apps and 3rd Party Integrations

Hope this is helpful to others. It is all community maintained and just for fun.

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I have no idea what Matrix and Synapse should be?

Not for me but propably for insiders only?

Then no worries. Look them up at your leisure.

We’ve expanded our chats to include Matrix users as well. :+1: Or, you can use Telegram if any of this interests you. Cheers.

Correct, that was written expressly for people already using Matrix. You can access the same chats from Telegram, or not. Cheers.