[NextcloudPi] Is there a howto for migrating a common nc-instance to ncp?

hey @nachoparker

as far as i know ncp is meant for nc-starters, running a raspi.

so now how could someone who pre-installed nc on a raspi the “normal” way get in favour of the services, ncp offers (without losing his existing data)?

and thinking further… as there are several other ppl running nc with a ncp-like-setting, just not on a raspi, would there be a way to offer the services to those as well?

i am aware that this would broaden the means of ncp



Haven’t thought about that before. but all the ‘extras’ can be installed remotely though SSH using the remote installer, so I guess that could be used for backing up Nextcloud and restoring it on NextCloudPi, or even using the extras on their current Raspbian instance. What they would not have is ncp-web, and .nextcloudpi-config

What do you mean? on other ARM boards? or on x86 servers?

What do you have in mind? :wink:


why? b/c that’s made especially for raspbian? would it be too difficult to make a debian-version from it? and of course for a x86/64 server as well… i’m just bubbling out since i don’t know how much work that would be.

nothing less than an installing help where you enter your setting and the config would be done by the installer -“nc-i”. i’m aware that this would be difficult to reach as an almost 1-peep-project. but this could become something to aim for if the “community” grows.

not too difficult, probably pretty easy, but another thing to maintain. Also I think that most people that want to self host will get an ARM SBC.

I have thought about also sharing a x86 docker container but like I said… there’s only so much I can handle alone :smiley:

Do you mean something like a wizard? The wizard for NCP is almost done, the frontend is finished.

ummm. someone came up with the idea of buying an older server and then go for it… that’s a pretty nice idea. i, myself, do have such an old server… so my next step could be migrating there. but that’s not in sight, yet.

could you do some automation-wizardry to do it?

btw: i discovered only yesterday that you guys are working on a wizard when i saw there was a new push-request on GH… :wink:

yes, like I said 99% of the docker code could be reused. maybe when it’s ready if there’s demand (or if somebody would support it) :wink:

Yeah!! I am very excited. I need to finish the docker container before I can merge it though, it’s a bit of work

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@nachoparker I’m having the same issue here. I had a NextCloud instance (poorly set up) running. Backed up my NC data dir to an external HDD, reflashed that pi I used with NCP but now it seems there is no way for NCP to use that drive with my previous NC data dir,
meaning I would have to manually backup files to yet another drive, format the first one for NCP use and than manually copy over data from the second drive back to the first drive which is now setup in NCP.


What filesystem do you have in your external HDD with your files?

I have all my drives connected to linux boards formatted as ext4

then you can just move your data directory with nc-datadir to the same drive, and manually move your files over there.

Next you will have to run nc-scan to make Nextcloud aware of them. You might also have to fix permissions with nc-fix-permissions

I tried pointing nc-datadir to /mnt/Drive/nextcloud where my data is but that results in the log outputting: failed, directory is not empty

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output it to a different place under /mnt/Drive/, for instance /mnt/Drive/ncdata. Then move the user files that you want in your cloud.

Assuming your files are under /mnt/Drive/nextcloud. Something similar to

sudo mv /mnt/Drive/nextcloud/* /mnt/Drive/ncdata/admin/files

Then, run nc-scan from web or nextcloudpi-config, or just run

sudo ncp-scan
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Aha I get it! Pure linux basics, foolish that I didn’t think of this sooner :slight_smile:

Thanks for your amazingly fast responses @nachoparker :+1: