[Nextcloudpi] Is the OS in the NCP Image also patched like the NC App?

To keep NCP and NC always up2date is very nice. But what about the OS? Is this a “Problem” for the user or is it possible to add a Feature to the NCP with a Auto Update for Security Patches or anything else?

Is this what you are looking for? Already in latest version of nextcloudpi-config.

Ahhhhh now i understand :wink:

nc-autoupdate-ncp = Automatically apply NextCloudPi updates? (Nextcloud and NCP?)
unattended-upgrades = OS Updates and Upgrades?

If this OK then i suggest maybe a bit better Information what these two features do, or im too stupid to understand :smiley:

If you want know precisely what they do, All the ncp scripts are in:


Any help in creating/improving docs is appreciated :wink:

Ah cool information good to know, thx!

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Also you can check out the wiki

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