Nextcloudpi ip address change

I disconnected the server from the network for a few days and now I can’t synchronize anything because the IP has changed.
How can I change the IP address via ssh to the previous one?
Such an important thing and it is not in the configuration menu.

The easiest is if you can do it via your router. Some give you the option to attribute always the same IP address to a specific host. Just check out the options in the DHCP section…

Thanks, I changed IP. Unfortunately, it did not help and I only have access via SSH and Admin Panel. I do not have access to my files. I am a moron because I thought that this NextCloud is worth my time…
This software is one big bug and probably only programmers who write it know how to configure it.
OpenSource dies.

People here are helping others in their own time, they are not paid or anything.

The price is that you don’t always get a turn-key solution…

Do you have a client-software problem or also a server problem?
Can you access your nextcloud with a browser?
Please post more details.