Nextcloudpi install on USB without berryboot?

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I’ve been doing a lot of searching and can’t find an actual answer, so here goes:

I’ve got a rpi3+ with a USB 3.0 4TB HDD attached. I’d like to completely avoid the SD card (service life reasons mainly). My question is: can I just put the nextcloudpi image on that and it’ll all just work?

According to “option 3” in this official documentation I think I don’t, but it all a bit vague. It says you need to go through lots of steps for a RPI3, but not for a 3+.

If it really is that simple, I can’t imagine why the docs wouldn’t say “don’t bother with berryboot if you have a 3+. Just burn /img to the hdd and away you go”.


Thanks for reporting.

No, that will not work.

I have searched also, but have not been able to find dont bother with berryboot in documentation!

Berryboot will allow you install one ore more operating systems to an external device.
Berryboot needs the sd-card for booting the system only, the /boot directory will be on sd-card. All other files and folders will be on the external drive. As such Berryboot is just a boot loader and multiple OS manager. It will not work without a sd-card.

If you want to boot directly from external usb, you need to follow instruction from raspberrypi website. This is where you will find a difference between rpi3 and rpi3+. Nothing to do with Nextcloud or NextCloudPi though.

The documentation is open to everyone who wants to contribute, translate and improve it. It is a work in progress, by volunteers, technical and non-technical ncp users and devs. It is in need of constant editing as NCP gets new functions regularly. Any help to improve, and update, it is much appreciated. :wink:

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