Nextcloudpi in docker on OMV5 - backup outside docker?

Hi there,
I installed nextcloudpi in a docker on OMV5 using TechnoDadLife Tutorial on a RaspberryPi 4

All worked fine, my Nextcloud is up and running. When I’m doing a backup (with a path reffering to a partition on the SD car of my RaspberryPi) on the ncp control panel, it first ran through and and said backup succesful. I can even download the file on the nextcloudpi control panel, but when I navigate to the directory on my RaspberryPi (using Putty) I can’t find the file, instead I find them in a folder called /var/lib/docker/overlay2/bfd9d916e8b35196462d879582db78a240a455dd833569a5ce35f11122cbf07e/merged/srv/dev-disk-by-label-SDfrei/appdata/ncdata/backups/ncp-backups/nextcloud-bkp_20200825_1598370438.tar

NCP version: 1.28.1
Intendet Backup location: /srv/dev-disk-by-label-SDfrei/appdata/ncdata/backups/ncp-backups

Can somebody tell me how to make ncp save the backup file outside of my docker folder?

Best, Ted

when you start your container on the cli start it with -v /path/on/your/host/to/ncp-backups:/path/inside/the/container/to/ncp-backups

if you start nextcloud with docker-compose add /path/on/your/host/to/ncp-backups:/path/inside/the/container/to/ncp-backups to the volume section. If there is a web gui to configure the container the same applies. (I didn’t watch the video so I doon’t know how techdaddy starts the container.)

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Hi Reiner_Nippes,
you comment made me understand docker far better than before, now everything works!
Thank you,