Nextcloudpi in Docker.. Android client keeps blocking on Ransomware errors

Greetings! I have replaced my old raspberrypi ncp with the latest docker nextcloudpi-x86 newly installed and running on an UBUNTU server. the nextcloud app on my android keeps blocking on Ransomware errors, relating to Mozilla and Tor cache “bin” files. I would like to exclude these from the ransomware check, however I can not find the place to do it. I can not find the “settings/security/ransomware” menu item, nor the extensions.txt file. Can someone familiar with ncp/docker advise on this? I’ve also been looking and can not find really good documentation on using ncp within docker. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Your problem is with Ransomware app, that is what it sounds like. You’ll need to consult that documentation and address your issues with it.

Yes, I read about that coming from the Ransomware app. From what I read, pressing the “I need help” button on the client notification sends a message to the NCP admin, which contains the pattern that the admin can then exclude. This happens. I get the message.

looking at “” it says
"Configuration is managed on the Settings » Security page under the heading Ransomware protection.

You can choose to ignore extensions from the resources/extensions.txt file by entering the pattern into the ‘Exclude extension patterns’ field. "

I can not find this.