NextcloudPi: HPB-Service is down


since yesterday the NCP System Info shows me that the “HPB-Service” is down.

A reboot did not bring anything.

Does anyone know a solution for this problem?

Best regards


NextCloudPi diagnostics

NextCloudPi version  v1.50.3
NextCloudPi image    NextCloudPi_RaspberryPi_v1.50.3.img
OS                   Debian GNU/Linux 11. 5.10.92-v8+ (aarch64)
automount            yes
USB devices          sda sdb
datadir              /var/www/nextcloud/data
data in SD           yes
data filesystem      ext2/ext3
data disk usage      49G/236G
rootfs usage         49G/236G
swapfile             /var/swap
dbdir                /var/lib/mysql
Nextcloud check      ok
Nextcloud version
HTTPD service        up
PHP service          up
MariaDB service      up
Redis service        up
HPB service          down
Postfix service      up
Internet check       ok
public IP            ***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***
public IP            ***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***
Port check 80        open (ipv4)
Port check 443       open (ipv4)
IP                   ***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***
gateway              ***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***
Interface            eth0
certificates         ***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***
NAT loopback         no
Uptime               1day

Nextcloud configuration

    "system": {
        "passwordsalt": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "secret": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "trusted_domains": {
            "0": "localhost",
            "7": "nextcloudpi",
            "5": "nextcloudpi.local",
            "8": "nextcloudpi.lan",
            "3": "",
            "11": "",
            "1": "",
            "14": "nextcloudpi",
            "20": ""
        "datadirectory": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "dbtype": "mysql",
        "version": "",
        "overwrite.cli.url": "https:\/\/\/",
        "dbname": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "dbhost": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "dbport": "",
        "dbtableprefix": "oc_",
        "mysql.utf8mb4": true,
        "dbuser": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "dbpassword": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "installed": true,
        "instanceid": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "memcache.local": "\\OC\\Memcache\\Redis",
        "memcache.locking": "\\OC\\Memcache\\Redis",
        "redis": {
            "host": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
            "port": 0,
            "timeout": 0,
            "password": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***"
        "tempdirectory": "\/var\/www\/nextcloud\/data\/tmp",
        "mail_smtpmode": "smtp",
        "mail_smtpauthtype": "LOGIN",
        "mail_from_address": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "mail_domain": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "preview_max_x": "1024",
        "preview_max_y": "1024",
        "jpeg_quality": "60",
        "overwriteprotocol": "https",
        "trusted_proxies": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "loglevel": "2",
        "log_type": "file",
        "htaccess.RewriteBase": "\/",
        "default_phone_region": "DE",
        "simpleSignUpLink.shown": false,
        "maintenance": false,
        "mail_sendmailmode": "smtp",
        "mail_smtpsecure": "ssl",
        "mail_smtpauth": 1,
        "mail_smtpport": "465",
        "mail_smtphost": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "mail_smtpname": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "mail_smtppassword": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***"

HTTPd logs

[Sat Oct 29 00:00:03.321941 2022] [ssl:warn] [pid 734:tid 548540724288] AH01909: localhost:4443:0 server certificate does NOT include an ID which matches the server name
[Sat Oct 29 00:00:03.329043 2022] [mpm_event:notice] [pid 734:tid 548540724288] AH00489: Apache/2.4.54 (Debian) OpenSSL/1.1.1n configured -- resuming normal operations
[Sat Oct 29 00:00:03.329100 2022] [core:notice] [pid 734:tid 548540724288] AH00094: Command line: '/usr/sbin/apache2'

Database logs

tail: cannot open '/var/log/mysql/*.log' for reading: No such file or directory

Nextcloud logs
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Try restarting NextcloudPi to see if that brings the HPB back up. I’m assuming it went down after an upgrade.

Thanks for the answer and help.
Unfortunately, a reboot did nothing. I have also tried that before.
I also did not perform an upgrade. Everything is as I set up the NCP image 1.50.3.

While we are at it. Can I upgrade from the NCP image without any problems or without the NCP interface no longer working with Nextcloud?

Can you please clarify what you mean by image. Docker?

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I use the RaspberryPi image from this site. There is also one for Docker. I use the one for a RaspnerryPi.

There have been some issues with ncp and hpb. We’ll see what happens once the next couple versions of ncp are released to the updater.

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Is there any developement? I am having the same issues.

NextCloudPi version v1.50.3
NextCloudPi image NextCloudPi_08-16-22

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Same here - thanks for any information on that issue.

I have the same problem since 2 or 3 days ago.
NextCloudPi version v1.50.4

I currently use NextCloudPi v1.50.4

As soon as I deactivate or uninstall the app “Client Push” in NextCloud, the “HPB Service” goes down.
As soon as I activate or install it again, the “HPB Service” goes up again.

I think that it is related to this. But I am not sure.

I would like to confirm this behavior: If “Client Push” app is deactivated and activated again, “HPB Service” is up again as well!

  • NextcloudPi version 1.50.5
  • Nextcloud version 24.0.8

That is actually not really a surprise because the client push app is the app service vor the high-performance-backend.
There was/is a minor thing with php-fpm which needs to be restarted after update to have a running hbp. This could be solved by a restart, by restarting the fpm service and as you saw by reinstalling the app

I have the same problem on 1.52.4 raspberrypi image. hpb-service is down.

How would I reinstall the app (say via ssh)

thanks in advance

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I also have this issue several times a month.
Normally it helps to clear PHP op cache, but this time not.
The HPB service stays offline. It is so annoying.

Is there any permanent solution?

Clear your php opchache.

that has always fixed the issue for me :slight_smile: