NextcloudPi: HPB service down

I’m seeing the issue “HPB service down” in ncp-web
Running Nextcloudpi 21.0.4 / 1.43.7 on Pi 4 4GB

Ran this command I saw on github:

$ ncc notify_push:self-test
✓ redis is configured
✓ push server is receiving redis messages
✓ push server can load mount info from database
✓ push server can connect to the Nextcloud server
✓ push server is a trusted proxy
🗴 push server (version 0.2.4) is not the same version as the app (version 0.3.0).

How do I update the push server ?

HPB down for me, too.
I’m also running NCP 1.43.7 with NC on Raspberry Pi 4 4GB.

Hi, did you try to restart the ncp once? That should in theory already fix the issue…


Thanks! It was a simple as that, a reboot.